How Do Teens Spend Their Time? According to a Pew Research Center report, it is changing.

Some of the highlights of a recent report by the Pew Research Center on teens between the ages of 15-17 include:

  *   Teens are devoting more time to sleep and homework
  *   They are spending less time on paid work and socializing
  *   Gender differences in how time is spent have remained the same
As you review the report, you will see that some of the differences are subtle and represent shifts that have occurred over a long period of time – from the 1990’s to now. However, it does reflect changes in lifestyle and upbringing that will affect how teenagers interact with us in our professional roles. On the college side, it is currently a question of how do we get students off their devices and interacting with each other more frequently. As a mid-sized school, it is much easier to foster interactions and engagement opportunities. At much larger schools, I worry about students becoming isolated.

Do these trends match your experiences? Drop me a note and tell me what you think.
To read the Pew Center article: Click Here

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