Dr. YunTaek Pae

Associate Professor, Finance

College of Business


2010 Ph.D. Illinois Institute of Technolgy
2005 M.S. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Pae, Y. and Sabbaghi, N. (2015).  Equally Weighted Portfolios vs. Value Weighted Portfolios: Reasons for Differing Betas. Journal of Financial Stability, accepted.

Pae, Y., Sabbaghi, O. and Sabbaghi, N. (2015).  Cash Flow and Stock Return. Abacus, revision.

Pae, Y. (2014). Idiosyncratic Volatility vs. Cash Flow Volatility. In Choi, J., et al. Economic and Financial Asymmetries in Ongoing Crises. Athenian Policy Forum.

Atra, R. and Pae, Y. (2014).  Likely Benefits from HIFO Accounting. Journal of Personal Finance, 27, p54.

“Benefits of choosing the HIFO method for tracking shares when liquidating portfolio assets.” The Journal of Financial Planning, January 2014.


Atra R. and Pae, Y. (2014, November). Volatility and HIFO Accounting. Association for Global Business, Orlando, FL.

Pae, Y. (2014, June). Current Investment Situation. Hansa Institute, Glenview, IL

Pae, Y. (2015, February). 2015 Investment Outlook. Hansa Institute, Glenview, IL.

Pae, Y. (2014, October). Cash flow volatility vs. Ivol. Illinois Economic Association, Chicago, IL.


Executive director, Hansa Institute, Chicago, IL.

Ad hoc reviewer. (2015 April). The Journal of Economic Asymmetries.

Editor, Korea Journal of Information Society, Seoul, South Korea.


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