Dr. Yann Kerevel

Assistant Professor, Political Science/Public Administration


2012 Ph. D., University of New Mexico
2006 M.A., University of New Mexico
2003 B.S., Grand Valley State University


Kerevel, Y.P., Edwards, M., & Hultquist, P. (2015, February). Negotiating regional trade agreements: Simulating multi-level negotiations across universities. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association, New Orleans, LA.

Kerevel, Y. P. (2014, August). Sources of executive power: Patronage and political careers in Mexico. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington, DC.


Kerevel, Y. P. (2014). Loyalty and disloyalty in the Mexican party system. Latin American Politics and Society, 56, 93-117.

Kerevel, Y. P. (2015). Pork-barreling without reelection? Evidence from the Mexican Congress. Legislative Studies Quarterly, 40, 137-166.

Atkeson, L.R., Kerevel, Y., Alvarez, M.R., and Hall, T. (2014). Who asks for photo identification? Explaining poll worker discretion. Journal of Politics, 76, 944-957.

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