Dr. Kathleen Fitzgerald

Associate Professor, Nursing

Nursing research, theory and evidence-based practice, nutrition, gastroenterology, oncology, evidence-based practice in the clinical setting

Ph.D, University of Illinois
M.S.N., University of California, San Francisco
B.S.N., Loyola University Chicago

Celebration of Scholarship Mentor:
Enhancing Primary Care Interactions with PatientProvider Partnerships
Graduate Student Project in Nursing

Fitzgerald, K., McShane, A., & Lytle, J. (2014). Doherty Center funding for research project entitled Implementation of evidence-based practice in undergraduate nursing clinical practice.

Bonomi, J. & Fitzgerald, K. (2013-2015) Research project entitled Assessment of nurses evidence-based practice at a community based suburban hospital. Rush-Copley Medical Center, Aurora, IL.

Scholarly Presentations:

Fitzgerald, K. (2018, October). It’s not my fault! Antiplagiarism techniques. Breakout session presented at the South Metropolitan Higher Education Consortium: Collaborating for student success, now and into the future at South Suburban College, South Holland, IL.

Fitzgerald, K. (2018, October). Innovations in teaching graduate nursing students about health policy. Poster session presented at the Sixth Annual Research Symposium, Advancing population health through medical education, health policy, and system change at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Fitzgerald, K., McShane, A., Moore, M., & Lytle, J., (2014, September). Survey of the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of undergraduate nursing students regarding EBP Research and Innovation Congress of Rush-Copley Medical Center, Department of Nursing, Aurora, IL.

Fitzgerald, K. A. (2015, February). Research Seminar. Participated on a panel of research experts for the Physician Assistant Studies Program, College of Health Science of Midwestern University, Downers Grove, IL.

Fitzgerald, K., Lytle, J. & McShane, A. (2014, November) Use of evidence-based practice by undergraduate nursing students. Poster presentation at the 2014 Baccalaureate Education Conference, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Baltimore, MD.

Scholarly Publications:

Aufderheide, S., Fitzgerald, K., Dus, J. & Bober, M. Improving interdisciplinary communication using the Microsoft Teams software application. Professional Case Management (submitted for publication 12/18).

Reiland, N., Fitzgerald, K., Maragos, M. (2019). Exploring interventions to increase primary care providers’ use of self-management goals. Patient Experience Journal (accepted for publication 4/19).

Scheffel, K., Amidei, C., & Fitzgerald, K. (2019). Motivational interviewing: Improving self-care management in postoperative thoracolumbarspine patients. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing (accepted for publication).

Exceptional Service:

Manuscript reviewer, Journal of Nursing Scholarship. The International Journal for Sigma Theta Tau, International.

Reviewer for the Journal of Nursing Scholarship.

Reviewer for Scientific and Academic Publishing.

Panel member for Northwestern University Biomedical Institutional Review Board.

Book reviewer for Dr. John Kotter, Kotter International – Boston, Seattle.

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