Dr. Daniel Kissel

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Ph.D., Loyola University-Chicago, 2014
M.S., University of North Carolina-Wilmington, 2009
B.S., Butler University, 2007

Exceptional Service:

Chair of the Joliet local section of theAmerican Chemical Society.

Program Chair for the 2019 Great Lakes RegionalMeeting of the American Chemical Society.

Celebration of Scholarship Mentor:
A Nanoporous Biomimetic Cellulose-Based Composite Bead that Incorporates the Antimicrobial Metal-Organic Framework HKUST-1
Graduate Student Project in Math & Science
Caterpillar Scholar Award

Conductive UiO66 MOF/Cellulose Composite Material for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Undergraduate Student Project in Math & Science

Analyzation of the Aggregation of the Amyloid Beta 42 Peptide
Graduate Student Project in Math & Science

Kissel, D. S., Florian, J., McLauchlan, C. C., Herlinger, A. W. (2014). Metal Ion Complexes of N,N’-Bis(2-pyridylmethyl)-1,3-diaminopropane-N,N’-diacetic acid, H2bppd. Inorg. Chem.53 (7), 3404-3416.

McLauchlan, C. C., Kissel, D. S., Herlinger, A. W. (2015). Crystal structure of {2,2’-[N,N’-bis(pyridine-2-ylmethyl)cyclohexane-trans-1,2-diyldi(nitrilo)]diacetato} cobalt(III) hexafluoridophosphate. Acta Cryst. E71,doi: 10.1107/S2056989015005149.

Scholarly Publications:

Rickhoff, T. A., Sullivan, E., Werth, L. K., Kissel, D. S., & Keleher, J. J. (2018). A biomimetic cellulose-based composite material that incorporates the antimicrobial metal-organic framework HKUST-1.Journal of AppliedPolymer Science,136(3), 46978. doi:10.1002/app.46978

Scholarly Presentations:

Kissel, D. (2018, August). Creating composite materials by embedding the antimicrobial metal-organic framework MOF-199 into a cellulose matrix: A biomimetic adsorbent material for water remediation. Presented at the 256th ACSNational Meeting and Exposition, Boston, MA.

Kissel, D. (2019, January). Functionalized MOF materials for environmental applications in solar water splitting and water remediation. Invited lecture, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI.

10/COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES•Kissel, D. (2019, April). Undergraduate researchand CURE development in MOF materials forwater remediation. Presentation at the 257th ACSNational Meeting and Exposition, Orlando, FL.


  • Lasallian Research Award for “Composite Material Created from Coordination Polymers that are Effective Absorbents with Antimicrobial Properties”

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