Charles Slutz

Professor, Aviation and Transportation

M.S., University of Massachusetts, 1969
B.S., Cooper Union, 1966

Certified in Integrated Resource Management, APICS, 1993
FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Airplane, 1991
FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, 1990
FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Glide, 1987
FAA Commercial Glider Rating, 1987
FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Airplane, 1986
FAA Certified Flight Instructor, ASEL, 1985
FAA Multi-Engine Airplane Rating, 1985
FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate, 1985
FAA Instrument Rating Airplane, 1984
FAA Private Pilot, Glider Rating, 1970
FAA Private Pilot Certificate, ASEL, 1970

One thought on “Charles Slutz

  1. Steven Baker
    December 18, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    Good evening.
    I will be joining your class this January. It is the Transportation Safety Management Systems.
    I believe it is a blended course of On-Line learning, and actually attending an On-Line Lecture MWF.
    Just to let you know, I am 57 years old. I am returning to school after 35 years to finish my BS in Aviation Management.
    I graduated from Spartan College of Aeronautics in 1986 with an Associates degree in Avionics / Electronics. I have both my FCC and my A&P Licenses.
    I am currently employed at United Airlines, 35 years. I am a Station Controller, (When a Pilot calls me to say there is a light on in the flight deck, or I have no PA on the aircraft, I’m the one they call to fix it over the Radio; ie. pull a C-B, reset a switch, turn the Battery switch on.
    I work 12 hr shifts. 0600-1800, from Sunday- Tuesdays and every other Wednesdays. I am always off of work Thursday- Saturdays. I can probably take the 13:00-13:50 lecture off to listen to the lecture. Hopefully we can work something out if I miss it. Maybe record it and listen to it throughout the same afternoon and / or evening. Then I could send an email when the viewing is over. I can also help with something on Saturdays if you like. Shuffle paperwork, clean the blackboard, buy you lunch at 1C5 restaurant;LOL. Feel free to call me at anytime. 331-253-8856 (Bolingbrook). I’m right by Clow Airport. (My advisor, Paul Dubisky told me to reach out to you.)

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