Executive Coaching is Getting the Royal Treatment

BetterUp, Inc. announced Tuesday the Duke of Sussex would be joining their team as its first chief impact officer, in a role in which he’ll aim to lift up critical dialogues to build supportive and compassionate communities and foster an environment for honest and vulnerable conversations. BetterUp, founded in 2013, matches clients (including large companies like Salesforce and Hilton) with their network of more than 2,000 professional coaches. BetterUp is one of the fastest-growing coaching companies and is living its mission to increase the accessibility of coaching.

This news is causing a lot of people to wonder what coaching is and how it can help people.  An executive, professional, or leadership coach is a qualified professional who works with individuals to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board. Yes, it is a very fulfilling and fun career to pursue!

Executive coaching is a collaborative, professional relationship, which utilizes the art of two-way conversation to engage a coachee in creating the future that they truly want. The coach actively listens, asks questions, and holds the focus for their coachee and their objectives as they reflect on possibilities, explore opportunities, gain awareness, and set goals. 

Coaching encourages high-functioning executives, leaders, managers, and individuals to bridge the gap between their current reality and their desired goal or success. It provides the opportunity to strengthen skills such as strategic thinking, communication, and leadership skills, or to enhance other skills which are of importance or unique to the coachee’s specific situation.

In this rapidly growing industry, it is important for the advancement of the coaching profession that we continue to show our commitment to the highest levels of training, competency, and ethics. The largest and most recognized governing and credentialing body of the profession of caching is the International Coach Federation (ICF). Since coaching is not formally or centrally regulated legally, an International Coach Federation (ICF) credential provides coaches with immediate recognition as coaching professionals who have submitted to a combination of accredited training, coaching hours, assessment, and compliance with standards of practice that allows current/potential clients and the broader communities we operate in to trust that they are working with a qualified coach.

Lewis University offers a coach training program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Our ICF ACTP certificate fully prepares students to become qualified and ICF-certified coaches.  So what are you waiting for?  Begin your coach training journey today by applying at https://grad.lewisu.edu/apply/!

Visit https://www.lewisu.edu/academics/mals/ to find out more information on the Lewis University Organizational Leadership Degree.

About Dr. Sheila Boysen

Sheila M. Boysen, Ph.D., PHR, BCC, MCC is Master of Organizational Leadership Program Director and ICF ACTP Director at Lewis University

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