Diwali and Intuition

Today is Diwali or the Festival of Lights and with exception of firecrackers and the beating of drums, it’s business as usual in the yoga capital of the world. In the northern hemisphere, Diwali occurs in autumn; in the summer hemisphere the spring. Commerce is brisk and street and bridge traffic is congested. Originally a harvest festival, Diwali is connected to several myths, including the return of Lord Rama & Co. from exile. The festival symbolizes, the triumph of good over evil.

More importantly, shopkeepers give good discounts on Diwali (like 25%), but I sort of enjoy haggling. I wear them down with my bewildered but beguiling smile. “Because you are such a nice man,” so goes the spiel, “I’m giving it to you for 300 rupees.” When did I suddenly become such a nice man? Storekeepers often motion you to come into their stores, but the solicitation is usually gentle and not obnoxious. On the streets, people offer to clean your ears with these long sticks. That only scares me and makes me want to run off. I shop the way I live: intuitively. If something catches my eye, that’s what I usually buy. It’s the same principle for taking pictures: it piques my interest and then SNAP. It’s taken me a long time to reach this stage of trusting my intuitions. It’s all I have. Does anybody have any more than that?

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