Data Science Visionary Donald Farmer to Give Two Presentations on Data Mining

accaDonald Farmer, Vice President of Product Management and Qlikview Product Advocate at Pennsylvania-based Qliktech, will be giving two talks for the ACCA Computer Science Fall Seminar Series. The first, which will be held on Wednesday, October 30, will deal with clustering algorithms, which are techniques for identifying and grouping similar data in a large data set. The second, which will conclude the seminar series on Wednesday, November 13, will focus on recommendation systems, which are tools that enable websites to pitch opportunities to visitors who are the most likely to be interested in them. Donald’s presentations will be delivered via WebEx from 7pm to 9pm.

ACCA, the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area, has a Computer Science division that annually hosts a seminar series. The series always focuses on a specific cutting-edge topic of particular interest to the industry and invites industry experts to come share their expertise in that area. In previous years, ACCA-CS has held seminar series on cloud computing, bioinformatics, video game and simulation development, and computational thought. Students and faculty from all 15 ACCA schools are invited to participate. Each year, the seminar series exposes students at these schools to important topics they would not have otherwise had a chance to study as part of their required curricula.

We are especially honored this year to have Donald present his insights to us. The former Principal Project Manager for SQL Server Data Mining at Microsoft, Donald was responsible for advancing Microsoft’s tools for data mining and business intelligence until he took his new leadership post at Qliktech in 2011. Since that time, Donald has been the visionary and evangelist for Qlikview’s innovative data science and visualization platform, which combines top-notch data investigation tools with advanced visualization techniques that help trends and characteristics emerge from the data with unprecedented clarity.

It is certainly a privilege to have a data science pioneer such as Donald Farmer share his expertise with our students. At Lewis, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is also quite honored to be part of the QlikView Academic Program, which gives our students an opportunity to use a leading data science tool in their coursework.

For a preview of Donald’s thoughts on data science and its direction in the industry, consider reading this article which provides a nice introduction to the field.


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