Cynthia Hellyer Heinz at the Lewis Gallery

2012-11-18 14.50.40The Celebration of the Humanities at Lewis University is delving into myriad aspects of the humanities perspective:  music, theater, literature, philosophy, history and, this week, we are exploring art and the artist.

I met Cynthia in a workshop at the DuPage Art League in Wheaton this past Spring.  She is a faculty member and the Foundations Drawing Administrator at Northern Illinois University.  Cynthia came to teach us her luminous technique of the colored pencil drawing.  Her work is mesmerizing, but so is her personality and her eloquence on the role of art in life.

We talked. I mentioned the new art gallery exhibit space at Lewis and suggested that she might like to exhibit her work there.  The end result is the exhibit “Reflections on a Passing Moment” during the month of October, twenty-four of her colored pencil works.

A Gallery Reception and Gallery talk on October 3rd is scheduled from 7 to 9pm and a meeting with students is planned at 3pm on Thursday, October 24th.

She wrote to me: “I am motivated by a passion for the chance to share the work, philosophy and interdisciplinary connections…At the core, I am a synergist.  I find an attraction to likeminded people who…treasure the integration of fields, cultures and certainly our stories.”

On her website, Cynthia states “My family and the nature surrounding my studio have become the resource for my visual vocabulary.  I am inspired by continuous changes observed through inner connectedness felt by engaging time and the positive metamorphosis of the body and spirit…I find it imperative to offer this image to the viewer through drawing.”

Today’s illustration is a detail of Cynthia Hellyer Heinz’s work “Temporal Voracious Consumerism.”

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Dr. Ewa Bacon is a professor emerita of history at Lewis University. Her areas of expertise include the Holocaust, Auschwitz, concentration camps, Russian history and Central European history (especially Germany and Poland).

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