Computer Science hosts IT Career Forum

itf2014On Saturday, April 12, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Lewis University was proud to host an event on behalf of the Illinois Technology Foundation entitled “Attract IT Employers and Ensure Long-Term Career Success”. Over twenty high-profile industry professionals participated in panel discussions covering topics such as creating your personal brand, the importance of mentoring, how to be a life-long learner, the link between IT and organizational success, the nature of leadership, and choosing real-world success stories to emulate. Students from Lewis and from several local community colleges attended the event and had an opportunity to network with these high-profile professionals.

The biggest takeaways for the students are that they are studying a subject that will enable them to be of tremendous service to others and to become impactful entrepreneurs. They simply need to learn to channel their skills into activities that align with their goals. Students were also urged to reach out to professionals and potential mentors as much as possible, because that is how the best way to ensure that opportunities come their way. Several speakers also mentioned the importance of maintaining an informative and up-to-date LinkedIn profile, as that is more important than resumes to many employers.

The volunteers from the Illinois Technology Foundation are a tremendous group of people. They give freely of their time to pay their success forward to a new generation of potential IT leaders. The Department is so proud to have had an opportunity to help these wonderful people work with Computer Science students at Lewis and at other local schools.


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