College Graduates Want Purpose In Their Career

Recent college graduates want “purpose” in their jobs, but they aren’t always finding it, according to a new survey by Gallup and Bates College.

The report, Forging Pathways to Purposeful Workfound that 95 percent of four-year college graduates nationally considered a sense of purpose at least moderately important in their work.

But of the graduates who strongly felt that a purpose was important, only 40 percent said they had found a meaningful career. Only 34 percent indicated they were deeply interested in their work, and 26 percent reported that they liked what they were doing on a daily basis.

Gallup conducted the online survey of more than 2,200 recent college graduates, 637 hiring managers, and 1,037 parents of college students last year. The group also conducted multiple focus groups.

What does this mean for students preparing for future careers?

One connection drawn from the study was the importance of internship experiences to students future career satisfaction. Hiring managers in the focus groups said they felt that internships should be required because they are instrumental in helping students find a job later and in discovering what they enjoy.

We have seen significant growth and interest in internships among our students at Lewis. Our location in the Chicago suburbs provides significant opportunities to explore careers which we hope contribute to a greater sense of purpose for our graduates.

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