Chillin’ with God at College

When you think about going to college, a number of things may be on your mind: roommates, courses, majors, getting a new tablet, the cost of books, making new friends, paying tuition, becoming an adult, really, lots of things.  It’s a huge transition.  Depending on where you’ve been religiously till now, the whole “going to church” or paying attention to getting involved in University Ministry may or may not even be on your radar.  I would argue that getting involved in this particular way could be a really great option.  Allow me to share a bit of my own journey.

When I went to college, a few years ago now, my plan was to be a music major.  I play guitar and I sing, and I was going to be famous and make beautiful music, not necessarily in that order.  At the risk of letting you in on how old I am, folk music was one popular genre at that time, and I played my guitar and sang in church back at my home parish.  So, the very first week of school, I thought I’d join the church folk group and ease into my future fame that way.  As it turns out, the director of the folk group saw some talent in me, and he put me in charge of a smaller group that played for one of the other masses.  I’m not kidding; it changed the course of my life.  I grew in leadership skills, musical repertoire, understanding of the worship service, and in my own faith life.  Eventually, I even changed my major to religious studies.

Now, I’m not saying that, if you get involved with University Ministry at Lewis University you’ll necessarily a) need to be musical, at all, or b) end up a religious studies (or in our case, theology) major.  I’m just saying, you could find a supportive community of pretty cool people doing a lot of great things.  You may find good people to chill with or service activities or opportunities to promote justice that really get you jazzed, or is it “stoked.”  I’m so behind!  J

Ultimately, and here I’m speaking for myself, I found that it was pretty awesome to hang out with God on a Sunday evening, or even consider what God might be calling me to do with my “one, amazing life.”  How about you?  Still hoping to make more friends or get to know God a little better?  Just a suggestion.  I mean…I’m just sayin’…

If you’re curious, check out the University Ministry page on the Lewis website,  I’d also be happy to talk about the journey with you, since I direct the Pastoral Ministry program for the theology department.  God is already living on campus waiting to chill with you, if you’re so inclined.  I’m Dr. Christie Billups found at or 815-836-5829.

About Dr. Christie Billups

Dr. Christie Billups is an assistant professor of Theology, Director of Pastoral Ministry, and Director of Service Learning at Lewis University. She has co-founded and co-directs the new Peace Studies Minor. She has been a practical, pastoral theologian in both academia and ministry in schools, jails, parishes, and hospitals. Some topics may include ministry with LGBT youth, juvenile justice, confronting racism, restorative justice and prison ministry.

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