A Few Resources for Tough Times

Like many of you, our new reality has set in in new ways over the last few weeks. For me, the pressure of homeschooling two children, swapping infant childcare responsibly with my spouse, and checking in on my parents who fall into high-risk categories for COVID-19, makes the old ‘normal’ something of the past. I know that everyone is experiencing their own version of change, too.
I say all of this to remind each one of us that our messy realities have real emotions attached to them, which range from feeling like a superhero (i.e. made it to a virtual meeting/call on time) to feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Our emotions are valid and real. Our emotions also don’t require permission.
Today, and many days in the near future, we will experience some of the hardest days of our lives. They will come in the form of our own personal struggles and they will come through carrying the emotional weight of supporting others. These are unprecedented times and for many of us, our ‘job description’ now includes the art of consoling grief, finding the right words when there are none to find, and maneuvering through conversations for which we cannot prepare.
I would like to share a few resources that I have found very helpful recently:

  • The first is a podcast by one of my favorites- Brené Brown. My friend and a former colleague provided me with this podcast and the idea of ‘settling the ball’ felt timely. It’s 24 minutes of your day that might give you some new insight. I appreciated the idea that strong, long-lasting relationships mean that a partner or a colleague can, “pony up the 80% when you are down to 20%.” (Small disclaimer- there is some language considered ‘adult’ in this podcast. Please be advised before listening.)
  • The second is a site named six seconds. This site provides emotional resources and stress techniques. There are some good videos that are short to watch but go the distance on an emotional level. For me, the idea of optimism brought some much-needed light to some dark times in the last week. You can find that particular video on the main page.
  • Third, is a book that one of my teammates shared. He provided this book as a resource that he used at a time when he needed to find a way to grieve. He mentioned that in his case it took a couple of weeks to open the book during a challenging time in his life, but when he did- it provided much needed direction at a time when he needed it most.

I hope one or more of these resources provide value to others as we navigate these challenging times.

About Dr. Sheila Boysen

Sheila M. Boysen, Ph.D., PHR, BCC, MCC is Master of Organizational Leadership Program Director and ICF ACTP Director at Lewis University

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