Emergency Planning & Violence Prevention

Severe Weather and Tornado Alerts

  1. Tornado warnings are issued by the National Weather Service and the Romeoville Emergency Management Agency when severe weather is imminent.

  2. Once the warning is issued, move to a designated severe weather refuge area as indicated on the evacuation/refuge plans in each building/room.

  3. Stay away from windows and doors and sit or lie on the floor with arms folded over your head.

  4. If outside, take shelter in the nearest building or a ditch/depression. A vehicle is not suitable for shelter. Do not attempt to run from a tornado.

  5. If the building is severely damaged, evacuate as soon as possible after the storm has passed.

Once the storm has passed, call Campus Police at extension 5911 or at (815) 836-5911 to report any injuries or damage.

Helpful Resources

Stressed Students

Stressed Students: How You Can Help

Our college community is becoming increasingly aware of the amount of stress students are experiencing and its negative impact on their health and academic performance.

To address this concern, we have adopted an online training simulation that will assist you to better identify and refer these students to support services on campus. Lewis University highly recommends that you take this 45 minute course, which is already in use at hundreds of colleges and universities.

To take the course, follow the instructions below:

If you experience any technical difficulties, please email support@kognito.com


Caring for Our Community ACT 2014.

Video Presentation on Campus Violence.