When to Make a Referral

ACTIf you are concerned about the health, well being, or safety of any individual on campus, you are encouraged to share your concerns or observations by contacting Health & Counseling Services, Student Services, Campus Police, Human Resources or by completing the ACT (Assessment & Care Team) referral form below.

You may decide to report a concern if a person is:

  • Harmful to themselves or others
  • Making suicidal threats or gestures
  • Exhibiting alcohol or drug problems
  • Exhibiting a pattern of concerning, unusual or out of the ordinary behaviors or actions
  • Experiencing hospitalization for psychiatric, drug or alcohol problems.
  • Disruptive to the living or learning community
  • Withdrawing socially
  • Showing a decline in the quality of work
  • Showing bias, discriminating against or harassing others

This is not a complete list, but should give some idea of types of issues of concern. This list is meant to be a guideline and is not all inclusive. Please refer to the Identifying & Responding to Distressed or
Disruptive Persons
brochure or Z-Card for more specific guidelines.