Report Bias, Discrimination or Harassment

Making a Report of Bias, Discrimination or Harassment

If you have witnessed or experienced a bias-related incident, please use the concern form below to make a report. Any act of intolerance, regardless of severity, can be reported using this form. The more detailed the information that is provided will help staff effectively respond to the concern. Once submitted, your report will be reviewed by members of Lewis University's Assessment and Care Team (ACT).

The Lewis University Sanctified Zone, inspired by our Catholic and Lasallian tradition, treasures each member of our community as made in the image and likeness of God, as a person of innate dignity and as a profound gift. As a Sanctified Zone, we seek to acknowledge, value and celebrate diversity at Lewis University in our programs and classrooms:

  • by hearing each person's unique stories
  • by accepting each other as individuals and as members of communities
  • by challenging our unexamined assumptions to help us unmask personal, cultural, religious, racial and systemic discrimination and stigmatization
  • by recognizing that prejudice, ignorance, and stereotypes create and sustain privilege and preference for some while marginalizing and oppressing others
  • by educating lifelong learners who will be bridge builders and change agents in our local communities and in the world
  • and by becoming people who are more compassionate, welcoming, hospitable and committed to justice.

The active promotion of diversity and the opposition to all forms of prejudice and bias are a powerful and healing expression of our desire to be "Signs of Faith" (Signum Fidei) to our students and each other.

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