General funding awards range from $100 to $3,000. Funding categories include:

  1. Reimbursement for supplies and equipment.
  2. Stipends.
  3. Research assistant salaries.

Equipment and supplies:
Payment for supplies and equipment may be made in one of two ways:

  1. Reimbursement may be provided following the submission of original receipts for approved expenses.

  2. Equipment and supplies may be ordered through the University with a completed purchase order using the established University processes.

If requesting a faculty stipend, provide justification for the stipend, documentation of how this work is different from faculty workload, and estimated time to complete the project. Payment for stipends will be made through the established University payroll process and will be taxed appropriately. Payment for stipends will be as follows: 20% at the beginning of the project, 80% upon completion and submission of a summative report of the project. See Progress Report Form.

Student research assistants:
A limited amount of funding is available for student research assistants each academic year. These positions are administered as work/study positions. Please note: research assistant salaries paid are in addition to, and are not counted as part of the general funding award.

Special Awards
  • The Innovation in Scholarship Equipment Award provides one $5,000 grant for an application in which supplies and equipment costs are the greatest proportion of the budget. 

  • The Knowledge Building for Human Factors and Safety Award provides one $5,000 grant for an application that focuses on human factors and/or safety research.

    Safety is concerned with protecting humans’ wellbeing through a proactive approach to identifying and managing threats, hazards, and potential errors that could cause harm.

    Human factors is concerned with the application of what is known about humans, their abilities, limitations, characteristics, interactions and/or cultural contexts, in order to enhance their performance through the design of equipment they use, environments in which they function, and the duties, tasks, activities and elements that they perform within their jobs.
If you have received a Doherty Center Award
  • Funding is available for the presentation of Doherty Center-funded work at outside conferences.

    • up to $300 for the presenting faculty and up to $300 for the presenting student. 

    • Reimbursement for posters, using the Doherty Center template.

All funds issued to any individual are subject to IRS 1099 reporting.