Faculty Funded Work

Implementation of Evidence-based Practice in Undergraduate Nursing Clinical Practice
Kathleen A. Fitzgerald PhD, RN & Anne McShane MSN, RN
College of Nursing and Health Professions


A pilot study was conducted to establish a baseline profile of CONHP undergraduate nursing students’ perceptions of evidence-based practice (EBP). The pilot study results indicated students were knowledgeable about EBP, and had positive attitudes about EBP for both present and future nursing practice, however, they did not use EBP in their clinical experiences. Based on the results of the pilot study, and a further review of the literature, a decision was made to provide the clinical faculty an education module on EBP use in the clinical experience setting. CONHP faculty for undergraduate nursing students is predominantly adjunct faculty who were not involved in the recent curriculum revision with emphasis on Quality and Safety and Evidence-based practice for nursing (QSEN). The aim of this study is to advance clinical faculty’s EBP knowledge to assist undergraduate nursing students’ use of EBP in their clinical experiences. The evaluation of the students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors will be used to determine if the clinical faculty’s QSEN EBP intervention results in a change in the students’ perceptions. Students will receive the questionnaire Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors (KAB) at the beginning and end of the identified semester. Clinical faculty will receive an invitation to review the EBP module and an anonymous questionnaire at the end of the identified semester to determine if they utilized the module information in clinical experiences. The study is an exempt project with no identifying information collected on either the clinical faculty or nursing students.