Community Partner Advisory Board

Throughout the history of the institution, Lewis University staff and faculty have leaned upon our community partners to provide guidance, advice, and expertise about how the institution can engage most effectively in the community.

Whether through University Ministry service,  student organization philanthropy, or community engaged learning courses, these relationships have been essential to the growth of a multitude of community-based initiatives.  In an effort to more deeply engage partners, Lewis University convened a formal Community Partner Advisory Board (CPAB), during the 2016-17 academic year. The group, which meets three times a year, serves as a “working partner in building [Lewis] University’s curricular and co-curricular community engagement activities by representing the voice of the community.”

Members include representatives from organizations which are regionally relevant, such as the United Way of Will County, agencies that serve a diverse array of needs (e.g., youth development and education, community health, food justice, creating safe communities), and partners which serve the Will County and Joliet region. Community Engagement Cooperative (CEC) members, who are on-campus representatives of offices which engage students in the community, also attend CPAB meetings to share ideas and build synergy with off-campus collaborators.

Now in its second year, the CPAB is beginning to tackle questions about the nature of partnership and what it means for Lewis to build relationships with community-based organizations. Through continued exploration of the topic, we hope to create recommendations which will assist both on and off-campus partners in working together more effectively to meet individual and mutual goals of Lewis and our community partners. We hope this will continue the growth of Lewis’  off-campus relationships, deepen student  learning, and empowering more individuals to work toward justice in our communities.

  • Dr. Christie Billups (Commuity Engaged Learning)
  • Katie Brick (Community Engaged Learning)
  • Jake Demarais (University Ministry)
  • Lou Anne Johnson (Community Lifeline Ministries)
  • Ryan Lawrence (Heart Haven Outreach)
  • Christina Martinez (Career Services)
  • Sarah Oprzedek (United Way of Will County)
  • Kathy Pecora (Will County Land Use)
  • William Riley (Lewis Student)
  • Mariza Rocha (Multicultural Student Services)
  • Dr. Kurt Schackmuth (Mission and Identity)
  • Brian Sisson (Athletics)
  • Pam Terrell (Catholic Charities)
  • Laura Wilmarth Tyna (Community Engaged Learning)
  • Steve Zlatic (University Ministry)