Benefits of Community Engaged Learning

Partnering for academic community engaged learning enabled the OCEL to develop mutually beneficial relationships with community organizations by responding to needs that our partners have identified.  Through these collaborations our partners benefit from:

  • The growing or more advanced skills of Lewis University students which can provide partners with innovative ways to address organization/agency needs.
  • A mutually valuable, lasting relationship built among faculty, students, and community partners.
  • Promoting social justice with underserved communities and community members.
  • Increased public exposure among individuals who are connected to Lewis University.

Examples of community engaged learning collaborations include:

  • Partnering an upper-level business course with a community center to develop a business plan for the non-profit organization.
  • Engaging students directly with youth through after-school tutoring.
  • Inviting pre-service social studies teachers to develop exhibit-related curricula for a regional historical museum.

To explore developing partnership(s) for community engaged learning, contact Laura Wilmarth Tyna, Director of OCEL, at or (815) 836-5848.