Academic Intervention Measures

Request for Academic Intervention

Faculty can submit a request for academic intervention if they have a student in their class that is at risk of failing, has excessive absences or is non-responsive to continued outreach by the faculty member concerning their performance in the course. Before submitting a request for academic intervention faculty should communicate their concerns directly with the student.

Once a request is received the staff in Academic Services will reach out to the student and offer support and guidance.

Assessment & Care Team (ACT) Referrals

If a faculty member is concerned about the health, well-being or safety of an individual on campus they are encouraged to share concerns or observations via the ACT referral form.

No Show & Midterm Grade Reporting

Faculty can report any students who have been a ‘no-show’ during the first two weeks of the semester and submit concerning midterm grades through the reporting function in the ‘Faculty’ tab in myLewis. Each semester the Registrar’s Office emails faculty to request these reports.

Request for Academic Intervention


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