The Brent and Jean Wadsworth Family Gallery

Portraits and Memories

"Portraits and Memories"
On view June 25-August 7, 2020 (Facebook Edition)

NOTE TO the Public:

All April and May events are canceled. Learn about our President's 12th Annual Art Show Competition - Facebook Edition.

Mission Statement

The Brent and Jean Wadsworth Family Gallery fosters opportunities for patrons to experience original works of visual art created by national, regional, and local artists, including members of the Lewis University community.  Exhibitions and other programming will promote aesthetic understanding consistent with the mission of Lewis University.  It welcomes collaborative and interdisciplinary programming that will encourage patronage and which will enhance its reputation. Its primary mission is education but it will also provide additional initiatives in alignment with other well-respected university art galleries.

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All April events are canceled.


All April/May events are canceled.

 SUMMER 2020

Portraits and Memories - Jeanine Hill-Soldner

  • On View: June 25 - August 7
  • Reception: Thursday, July 16, 7-9pm

Gallery Hours

  • 9am - 9pm daily
  • Closed during Fall, Christmas and Spring Breaks