Art Gallery Booking Guidelines

The gallery space, guided by its mission, is first and foremost an art gallery for the purpose of showing both professional and student art exhibits.  This space should be respected for its original intended purpose, but also welcomes collaboration by frequently hosting educational and professional events such as presentations, readings, meetings, receptions, small concerts and classes.   

Mission Statement

The Brent and Jean Wadsworth Family Gallery fosters opportunities for patrons to experience original works of visual art created by local, regional, national, and international artists, including members of the Lewis University community. Exhibitions and other programming will promote aesthetic understanding consistent with the mission of Lewis University. We welcome collaborative and interdisciplinary programming that will encourage patronage, and which will enhance our reputation. The primary mission of the gallery is to educate but will also provide additional initiatives in alignment with other well-respected university art galleries. 

Usage and availability must be arranged by contacting Natalie Swain, Gallery Coordinator. Those requesting use of the gallery will be required to fill out an Internal Event Request Form through the office of Meetings, Events, and Conferences.

Guidelines for Gallery Usage:

  • Please respect the artists by not touching or moving the artwork on the walls, floors or pedestals
  • The gallery provides seating (with tables) for up to 16 people. If more chairs are required, contact the Gallery Coordinator and a work order will be placed with facilities
  • All food and beverage/cleanup must be handled through Sodexo
  • The gallery must be returned to its original state after each event
  • The gallery has its own wireless microphone and sound system that may be used. If any additional audio/visual equipment is required, request this through the office of Meetings, Events, and Conferences
  • The gallery hours are 9 am-9 pm daily. Events closed to the public must be arranged with the Gallery Coordinator
  • The gallery has a storage closet, which houses the sound system for the microphone as well as a valuable art collection. This closet remains locked and may be opened by the Gallery Coordinator or Campus Police. If the closet is needed, arrangements to unlock the closet must be made with the Gallery Coordinator. Under no circumstances should there be any items such as food or furniture placed in the closet. The closet’s only purpose is to store art and art related items