Mission Statement

Faithful to its Lasallian heritage in Catholic higher education and its Mission Statement, Lewis University is committedto becoming a partner with you andyour family to making higher education affordable.  This partnership is comprised of three components; federal and state aid, institutional aid and family resources.

Lewis University has been a leader in actively working to keep the cost of tuition affordable.  Lewis University is listed in the Chicago Sun-Times 2005 Annual Tuition Survey, as the most affordable Catholic university in the Chicago metropolitan area.

The Office of Financial Aid Services administers programs in cooperation with federal, state, and private agencies, as well as funds provided through the University. Funding may be based on financial need, or on academic, athletic, or fine arts merit.

Students who have been accepted to Lewis University are eligible to be considered for financial aid. The University requires that students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for need-based financial aid. These include grants, loans, and work programs available through federal, state, and institutional resources. The FAFSA form is available through the Lewis Office of Financial Aid Services, high school guidance offices, and on the Internet at: www.fafsa.gov.