Private Lender List

Lewis University encourages students to complete a FAFSA and take advantage of all sources of federal, state, and university aid before turning to private loans (also called alternative loans). The interest rate, repayment fees and terms are more favorable with Federal Direct Loans. Private loans do not require students to Lender Listsubmit a FAFSA, are based on credit-worthiness, and have variable interest. Private loans must be repaid separately from federal loans once students are no longer enrolled at least part-time.

On the right is a historic list of loans and/or lenders from whom our students have borrowed over the past three years and it includes only those that continue to offer private alternative loans. Lewis University does not have any specialized relationships with any lender listed, nor do we recommend any lender on this list.

This list is provided to you as a starting point in finding private education loans. All disclosure information is available from each lender’s website. Students who use private student loans are responsible for initiating this process and providing all necessary certification information to the lender and Lewis University.

Loan Disclosures are available from each lender on the list provided. You may either review the loan disclosure information on the lenders website or email a request for a disclosure to the Financial Aid Services Office at Since each bank has a separate disclosure statement please provide the name of the bank(s) that you are requesting a disclosure statement for.