Graduate PLUS Loan

Graduate PLUS loans are federal loans awarded up to your total cost of attendance that Lewis graduate students can use to help pay for their graduate program.

How to Apply for Your Graduate PLUS Loan

  1. Visit and sign in to
  2. Under PLUS Loan Process, click on Request Direct PLUS loan.
  3. For Select loan type, choose Graduate PLUS loan.
  4. Select an award year.
  5. Check the box that authorizes the school to use the Direct Loan for educational purposes.
  6. Select Lewis University (DLID: G01707)
  7. For the Loan Amount Requested, there are three options.
    1. You can select to receive the maximum amount up to the cost of attendance.
    2. You can specify an amount. Again this can only be up to the cost of attendance.
    3. You can opt to contact your school in order to receive the amount you want to borrow.
  8. Choose the begin and end date for your loan.
    1. You can choose to use a semester’s begin and end date (August- December)
    2. Or you can choose an entire award year. (August-August)
  9. After clicking continue, you will be brought to the Borrower Information page. Here you will enter or update your name, address, phone number and employer information. If unemployed, select this option.
  10. Click on continue and this will bring you to the ‘Review Request’ page. Verify that your information and options are correct and continue on.
  11. You will need to agree to the certifications. There are two different boxes you must check. This step ensures that you are providing true information and that you are authorizing the Department of Education to do a credit history check.
  12. You will be notified immediately on your application status. Note: additional information may be requested before a decision can be made.
    1. Application Approved – you will need to complete the Graduate PLUS loan Promissory Note. Note (MPN) by selecting “Complete MPN” link.
    2. Application denied – the university will be notified electronically of the denial from the department of education and will automatically include the additional unsubsidized loan amount your student is eligible for - to their awards
    3. Note: you may appeal a PLUS loan denial by selecting the "Appeal Credit Decision" link located on the left hand side of the website.
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