Theology, B.A.

Discover how cultural norms and expectations influence the people we become.

Explore issues of faith and the human experience.

For students interested in diving deep into the big philosophical and theological questions, Lewis’ Theology degree program is the perfect preparation for a career in education, pastoral ministry, theology, history, social work, literature and more.

Why Study Theology at Lewis?

  • Outstanding faculty consist of some of the greatest theological minds in the country
  • Personalized, progressive and relevant understanding of Christian and Roman Catholic Theology
  • Critical assessment of faith, religion and ethics from an academic perspective
  • Distinctive focus on writing, communication and creative thinking
  • Exploration of your own personal faith and values while examining religion’s role in society
  • Opportunities to seriously consider the religious dimensions of the human condition
  • Time to thoroughly investigate biblical, historical, systematic and moral theological questions
Customize your Theology degree program with one of the following concentrations to match your personal passions with your future career interests:

  • Theological Studies Concentration
    • Whether a teacher inspired you to want to teach, or a theologian opened up a whole new way of thinking about God and the world for you, this writing-intensive concentration will help you understand the history of faith and its connection with culture in preparation for teaching or graduate school.
  • Pastoral Ministry Concentration
    • Many students choose this concentration as a Pre-Seminary program or a direct career path to a pastoral position, working with either youth or adults.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The majority of our theology degree students take the opportunity to study abroad at some point during their studies. Each year, students and Theology faculty visit Italy, touring churches and museums in cities such as Rome, Assisi, Florence and Ravenna.

Theology Minor

Many Lewis students minor in Theology to add an ethical component to their degree program for future careers in teaching, business, law and more.

Peace Studies Minor

This minor offers students the option to build a program from a variety of coursework and learn just peace strategies and nonviolent conflict tactics as tools for positive social change in their communities and globally.


For more information, feel free to contact the Program Director, Dr. Karen Trimble Alliaume at or call (815) 836-5884.