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Lewis University’s Philip Lynch Theatre has received a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency Summer Youth Employment in the Arts program. The grant provides funds to support summer employment opportunities for three high school students. The program provides the interns with opportunities for:
  • Positive experiences and training in theatre to enhance personal growth
  • Skill development to promote career preparation
  • A deeper and broadened connection to community
  • Greater awareness and understand of the impact and value of art in personal and public life
  • Staffing support to further the mission and goals of the PLT
The theatre department not only provides quality education in a classroom situation, but also offers various opportunities to learn the art and craft of theatre in various production environments. What an interns needs is a passion for the performing arts collaborative process. The benefits of the program for the interns will be to gain experience in following verbal directions and follow-through skills. The interns are learning to be self-motivated and possess the ability to work independently within the collaborative process. The interns are interacting effectively and cordially with the general public. Communication skills will improve, and their passion for the theatrical process will increase.

The PLT has been proud to welcome Colleen Accardo from Oswego, Julia Egizio from Plainfield, and Marty Snarskis from Lemont as our high school Summer Youth Employment in the Arts interns.


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