Alumna Kay Cannon Address to May 2022 Undergraduates

Mission Statement

Our mission is to nurture and inspire young artists to engage with the world by using their own creative voice and their generous collaborative spirit.  This engagement will have a strong base in the historical development of theatre as well as a wholistic foundation in every aspect of theatrical production, and will be strengthened by their confidence in who they are what they will create.  That engagement may take the form of professional work in theatre as an actor, designer, stagehand, director, or manager, but may also consist of creative and collaborative engagement with a wider professional world which desperately needs those types of skills.

Upon graduation, the theatre major will:

  • Identify the historical events and developments, which have influenced contemporary theatre and articulate the fundamental theories and conventions that helped shape it.
  • Demonstrate the fundamental skills and techniques required of a modern theatre practitioner: performer, designer, technician or manager.
  • Work in an environment of collaboration in a variety of production experiences.
  • Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to dramatic literature as it applies to production, performance, design or management.

Departmental Goals

Students completing the baccalaureate program in theatre will:
  • Foster more of an interest in our students for continuing theatre training.
  • Find the best usage of the black box theatre for our students' benefit.
  • Increase the diversity of our majors.
  • Continue to update technical production elements.
  • Initiate the theatre management concentration.
  • Encourage student attendance of professional productions.


Lewis University's Philip Lynch Theatre not only provides a strong education in the classroom, but also offers many opportunities to learn the many varied hands-on crafts that comprise the art of theatre.


Students who meet the requirements for various scholarships may apply for them yearly. Applications are available in the Office of Financial Aid for the following:

Exclusively for Theatre

  • Marnie Cavanaugh-Wyatt Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Chester Kondratowicz Endowed Scholarship
  • Kay Cannon Annual Scholarship

Fine Arts Including, but not exclusive to Theatre

  • Vincent K. McGirr Annual Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Br David Delahanty, FSC Endowed Scholarship
  • Brenton and Jean Wadsworth Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Nancy and Thomas Brodnicki
  • Daniel A. and Phyllis A. Binder Endowed Scholarship
  • Thomas Gullett Endowed Scholarship
  • McGirr Fine Arts Annual Scholarship
  • Katherine C Thompson Endowed Scholarship

Students wishing to apply for these and other scholarships should check the ever-changing board outside of the Office of Financial Aid.

Student Employment

Available student employment:

  • Federal Work/Study
  • Arts & Ideas events

Federal Work/Study

By completing your FAFSA, the Office of Financial Aid can determine your eligibility for a work/study position in the department. Contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine your situation and review information found in the Lewis University Student Employment Manual.

Arts & Ideas Events: Employment

An hourly wage is available to those students who work on the various Arts & Ideas Touring Shows that come through our theatre. Sign-up sheets for available employment on an Event will be posted outside the Box office a week before an Event.

Contact the theatre manager for more information about Arts and Ideas employment opportunities.

Arts & Ideas Events: Calendar

An Arts & Ideas Events calendar is published and distributed campus wide at the start of each semester. On average there are four performances scheduled on the stage of the Philip Lynch Theatre per semester. Theatre majors and minors are encouraged to view productions and are often asked to view them for classes. Tickets for Arts & Ideas Events are free to Lewis students with a valid I.D.


Students often obtain internships over summer break, but internships can also be done during a semester. Internships are further discussed in Part II of the Theatre Manual "Classes and Practicums." Please refer to the Internship description and the Professional Prep Practicum description for specific information.


KC/ACTF, or the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, is a program in which our main stage productions are entered during the academic year. A faculty respondent from a fellow KC/ACTF university or college views a performance of each of our entered productions and remains for a post-show discussion with all members of the cast, crew and artistic staff. In addition, the respondent and the show's director nominate actors to participate in the Irene Ryan Scholarship Competition, held at a regional festival that the department attends in January of each year. The respondent and director can also nominate student designers or stage managers to attend the competitions in their areas.


For more information on KC/ACTF, contact Dr. Kevin Trudeau.

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