Bridge & Success Programs

A Bridge to Success

Ready to enroll? To ensure your place in the incoming freshman class and claim your Success grant in the amount of $8,000 annually, please complete and submit the Success Program contract with applicable deposits no later than Friday, July 1, 2016.

Lewis University’s Success program provides opportunities for academic success to students who need assistance in meeting the admission requirements of the University. The program accomplishes this by providing on-going mentoring and academic support services to students during their first year at Lewis.

Goals of the Success Program

  • Provide a strong and supportive environment
  • Support retention, academic success, and graduation
  • Connect learning experiences with improved learning strategies
  • Guide students through:
    • Peer mentoring
    • Academic advising, registration and career orientation
    • Tutoring and online remediation
    • Learning Strategies Workshops
    • Regular contact with the Success Program Coordinator
    • Ongoing follow-up with professional staff and faculty

Why the Program is a Success

The Success Program exemplifies Lewis University’s Catholic and Lasallian Mission by making a college education accessible to deserving students of all academic backgrounds. Personal, one-on-one attention, a hallmark of a Lewis education, serves as a key component of the program. The University community is committed to helping students in the Success Program achieve their goals. Professional staff and faculty mentors provide students with a solid foundation for continued academic success.

What is the Bridge Program?

Success begins with the Bridge Program, which takes place each summer for two weeks at the end of July. All students who wish to be admitted to Lewis University through the Success Program must first participate in and successfully complete Bridge.

The Bridge Program is a two-week, residential, intensive college preparatory program held on the Lewis University campus. Bridge provides potential students with basic skills and strategies to assist them in making the most out of their college experience. Course work focuses on:

  • College readiness skills
  • Writing, reading and mathematics
  • Library research orientation
  • Computer/technology literacy
  • Study skills and test taking

Admission to Lewis University through the Bridge Program is based upon academic performance and appropriate participation in Bridge social and academic activities. Attitude, motivation, skills, and self-awareness will also influence admission.

The Success and Bridge Programs are housed in the Leckrone Academic Resource Center (LARC), located in the North wing of Benilde Hall.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact Patricia Jones, Coordinator of the Success and Bridge Programs at (815) 836-5286 or via e-mail at