The purpose of the Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) is to enable college students to pursue a course of study which will qualify them, upon graduation, for appointment as officers in the United States Army, Army Reserve or National Guard.

The Rolling Thunder Battalion is made up of:
These schools cooperate with the Army to commission competent, confident, and caring junior leaders for the United States Army. It is committed to providing our nation with leaders who take seriously their responsibilities to serve their country honorably.

Student Talk

  • Brian Marquez

    "Choosing ROTC was the right decision for me because I have always been intrigued in serving our country. As far as ROTC here at Lewis, we are one of the top tier programs in the nation, and our awards and our lieutenants are proof of it. It also has a flight program, which not many schools in the state of Illinois have."

  • Ken Nakanishi

    "I choose Air Force ROTC because this way I can serve my country, and at the same time I can fly airplanes, which is something I've always wanted to do."