Faculty Research

Dr. Spencer Campbell

  • As a cognitive psychologist, I'm interested in research how our mind processes information. This can be through problem solving, decision making, and language processing, just to name a few approaches! My recent research includes:
    • How we make decisions based on biased wording and information
    • The role profanity plays in understanding a person's intent
    • Reframing how we assess our students in and out of the classroom

Dr. Philip Blankenship

  • As a behavioral neuroscientist, I’m interested in examining the relationship between our brains and the behaviors we engage in. I am most interested in observing behaviors and developing tasks related to understand how we maintain our awareness of where we are in our environment and how we navigate through it. My recent research includes:
    • How does a history of self-reported adolescent binge drinking influence performance on app-based spatial navigation tasks
    • How do self-reported levels of depression influence performance on an app-based spatial navigation task
    • Does performance on app-based navigational tasks correlate with or help us to predict real-world navigation performance?
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