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Tour the 'Hidden in Plain Sight' Trailer on May 1 in Romeoville
Published: April 23, 2023.
All adults are invited to tour the Heroin Epidemic Relief Organization  Hidden in Plain Sight trailer from 3-6 p.m. May 1 at the Lewis University Romeoville campus. The trailer is set up as a teenager's bedroom and allows adults to spot dangers of [MORE

Psychology Faculty Share Expertise with Others
Published: April 16, 2023.
Dr. Lili Burciaga, assistant professor of psychology, provided a professional development webinar for Counselors for Social Justice National Division of the American Counseling Association on March 24. The webinar was titled, "Addressing Elements of White [MORE

Psychology Faculty Share and Gain Expertise
Published: March 20, 2023.
Dr. Katherine Helm, psychology professor, director of the Graduate Program and interim chief diversity officer, recently provided a three-hour webinar for mental health professionals' CEUs entitled, "Working with Couples of Color and LGBTQIA+ in Counseling" [MORE

Dr. Lili Burciaga Offers Insight on How to Help Victims of Turkey/Syria Earthquake
Published: February 13, 2023.
Dr. Lili Burciaga, assistant professor for the Lewis University  Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, recently discussed how universities have a crucial role in promoting healing for those impacted by the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Burciaga, [MORE

Education and Social Sciences Faculty Share Expertise With Community
Published: December 19, 2022.
Dr. Katherine Helm, professor of psychology and director of the graduate program, presented "Counseling Diverse Couples:  Where are the models for interracial, LGBTQIA+, and couples of color" at the Illinois Counseling Association on November 11. [MORE