Department of Physics

Lewis offers a remarkable learning environment for future physicists.

With our brand new 50,000 sq. ft. Science Center addition, our Physics Department has some of the most impressive undergraduate lab resources in the region.

  • Modern physics lab with $250,000 of industry-grade optics and laser technology
  • Our past five graduating classes have a 100% pass rate on graduate school qualifying exams
  • < 10 miles from Argonne National Laboratory and research opportunities through the Argonne Co-op Program
  • < 20 miles from Fermilab
  • Every student designs their very own experiment as an undergraduate with options to present at local, regional and national meetings
  • Active chapters of Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma
Whether you want to teach high school physics, go to grad school, start a career in research and development, or bring your newfound analytical modeling skills to the finance world, Lewis' Department of Physics has a degree program for you. Even if you're not exactly certain which of the sciences you want to major in just yet, Physics is a great place to start if you love math, with foundational requirements shared among the other mathematically-focused science programs.

Physics, B.S.
Prepare for graduate level studies or take a job right after Lewis in research and development.

Physics, B.A. for the High School Teaching Certificate
Secure your Physics degree and be prepared to teach Physics in a high school environment.

Chemical Physics, B.S.
Learn by doing - researching and inventing new-age materials, alternative energies, solar cells and quantum dots.

Engineering B.S. Joint Degree Program
Obtain your Physics, B.S. from Lewis and your Engineering, B.S. from IIT through this dual degree program.