Peace Studies, Minor.


Rooted in Catholic social teaching and shaped by Lasallian global praxis, the Peace Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program within the College of Arts and Sciences. This program critically engages students in addressing contemporary social justice problems and building "just peace." Cooperating with a Peace Studies advisor, the student in this minor is able to design an individualized program of interdisciplinary coursework and service-learning experiences.

The minor includes course options in communications, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, social work, sociology, theology, and justice, law and public safety studies.

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The Peace Studies minor at Lewis University is an excellent academic companion to an Organizational Communication major. This minor is especially suitable for those students who want to put their communication knowledge and skills to use as an advocate for the causes of peace and justice.

The study of history is critical to understanding the sources of modern conflicts in the world today as well as examples of resolutions. International Relations Peace Studies is an excellent minor to pair with an International Relations major. It helps students find various just strategies to address war, violence, poverty, human rights violations, and environmental issues.

Justice, Law and Public Safety Studies
A Peace Studies minor enhances the study of Justice, Law and Public Safety by offering an expanded definition of peace that includes the prevention and resolution of conflict through the creation of just systems, the promotion of ocial justice and security from harm for vulnerable populations, and the recognition and appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism.

Political Science
Political Science combined with a Peace Studies minor, helps students understand the conditions of human flourishing and how government policies
and programs could contribute to social change and justice in our communities.

A Peace Studies minor can enhance the Psychology and/or Human Resource Management major regarding issues such as gender equality, human development, and social development.

Social Work
A Peace Studies minor is an ideal complement to a Social Work major, since “social work students engage in an education that is dedicated to advancing social and economic justice and the wellbeing and quality of life of individuals, groups, and families.”

Sociology offers insights into the nature and causes of conflicts and promotes social change and social justice. These are essential to conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

Combining the Peace Studies minor with a Theology major welcomes students to critically engage scripture and Catholic theological tradition, including Christian ethics, pastoral ministry and spirituality. Students learn to explore and apply Theology’s grammar and vocabulary to the full spectrum of vocations as disciples and global citizens.