Apply big picture financial strategies to real-world business decisions.

Prepare for positions in portfolio management and investment analysis with the advanced education necessary to apply financial strategy to a variety of investment scenarios.

Lewis' Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program prepares students with specialized technical knowledge in financial instruments and investment analysis - separating you from the pack.

Upon graduation, you will hold mastery knowledge of investment and asset valuation, and portfolio management, and be prepared for the CFA® Level I Exam, one of the most rigorous in the industry. The CFA® gold standard designation is granted to those who pass a series of three tests over a minimum two-year period, have earned a bachelor's degree and have four years experience as an investment professional.

As an MSF student at Lewis University, you will:

  • Learn to leverage data and information to make strategic financial decisions
  • Explore interdisciplinary topics in economics and accounting
  • Develop a broad macroeconomic understanding of the global forces impacting finance
  • Gain expertise in advanced theory with project-based coursework
  • Utilize computer modeling to analyze real-world financial situations

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The MSF program consists of three (3) foundation courses that provide preparation for the managerial-level core courses. Students may be waived from the foundation courses based on previous undergraduate business coursework.

To determine which foundation courses you may be waived from, please select the classes you completed during your undergraduate program with a grade of B- or better.

Undergraduate Program   Courses Waived
Accounting I
Accounting II
Principles of Finance

Note: GMAT and GRE test scores are not required for admission into our MSF program.

Convenient Learning Options

Our MSF program offers five 8-week sessions per year (2 sessions in the fall semester, 2 sessions in the spring semester and 1 session in the summer). Classes meet once a week from 6-10 PM, convenient for the working adult. We offer rolling admission, so you can start at any time.


Our MS Finance program is a STEM designated academic degree, making it a popular choice among international students. International students using the F-1 Visa will have access to “Day-1 CPT” as well as numerous opportunities in the Chicago area for OPT. Upon graduation, students will be eligible for the OPT STEM Extension, enhancing their education with practical field experience for up to three years. For more information about CPT and OPT in the United States, please visit our International Student Services page. 


Or for those students who do not yet have an undergraduate degree, learn more about our Bachelor's to MSF Option.

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