Help protect organizations by SECURing their data.

Cybersecurity professionals are in great demand – individuals with a master's degree in cybersecurity will be qualified to analyze, plan, and implement computer security strategies to safeguard organizations and their data.

Cyber-attacks have become a national security issue. The challenges of securing the ever-growing quantity and value of online data continue to increase, and the stakes for protecting such data have never been greater. Our nation needs people who are skilled in keeping data secure. An important component of a healthy cyber defense is the ability to identify the causes of breaches after they happen to prevent the same kind of attack in the future. Systems of all kinds need people at the helm who understand both current and future threats to their computer security and can counteract them. The Lewis University Master of Science Cybersecurity (MSCY) program will prepare you to do just that, and be ready for a challenging and well-paying career.

Learning outcomes

To earn your degree, you will need to complete our 33 credit hour program. You will take a shared set of core courses to receive a solid understanding of both the technical and managerial issues that face cybersecurity professionals. The Lewis University Master of Science Cybersecurity (MSCY) program is designed to:

  • Provide you with skills and techniques for securing a variety of computing platforms

  • Teach you to make managerial decisions informed by cybersecurity considerations, including how to quantify the value of IT assets and the risk associated with losing them

  • Help you understand the computer science that underlie cyber-attacks and efforts to counteract them so you can respond to new attacks as they evolve

  • Examine the vulnerabilities and remedies associated with networks, operating systems, servers, services, file systems and software

  • Convey the legal, ethical and privacy issues associated with information security

Convenient Learning Options

How long does it take to earn your master's degree in Cybersecurity? Lewis' MSCY program is designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals, with evening courses offered in an eight-week format (typically from 6-10 PM). We offer rolling admission, so you can start at any time. Program courses are currently offered at our main Romeoville campus, largely in a blended format, meaning many in-class lectures are broadcast simultaneously online and archived for the added convenience of the working adults balancing work, school and family.

career changers

Students who lack prior coursework in computer science or management information systems from an accredited collegiate institution are required to take up to four foundation courses in the major to gain background in computer programming, computer organization, networks, and operating systems. The determination of whether a student is required to take one or both foundation courses will be made during the application review process by the Graduate Program Director.

100% Online Option

The master’s in cybersecurity degree program can also be completed within a flexible 100% online format - convenient for the working adult.


Lewis University is a Department of Homeland Security Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense, a distinction it has held since 2011. That means that Lewis students qualify to compete for scholarship funding and other awards that are available only to DHS-certified institutions.

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