International Relations, B.A.

Before you can change the world, you need to understand how it works.

Learn how government, international business and non-state actors all interact together, and prepare for an exciting career working with international organizations.

Why are people poor? What does social and economic justice look like? What is the best way to affect change through the political systems that currently exist? What is the best way to influence the systems that are broken?

In this interdisciplinary International Studies major, you will which explore the interconnectivity of politics, economics and history in order to better understand:
  • The influence of political theory and ideologies on various political systems
  • The effects of global politics on issues of conflict, human rights, globalization, the environment and peace initiatives
  • The political, historical and economic factors of contemporary policy issues
  • How to analyze and interpret data in order to promote, defend and persuade
  • The role of ethics and values in political decision-making
Foreign Language Requirement
We strongly recommend either 12 hours of a foreign language or earning a minor in a foreign language such as Spanish, Arabic or Chinese to attain the specific language skills employers are looking for from International Relations major students. If you have no interest in learning a language, we recommend pursuing either a Political Science or Public Administration degree instead.

Study Abroad Opportunities
Many International Relations degree students take advantage of summer or semester study abroad opportunities in Brazil, China, Switzerland and more.

Life after Lewis
An International Relations degree is the perfect preparation for a wide range of career options working with international organizations, including business, government and law.

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