Uncover the secrets of the human experience.

History students at Lewis learn to identify and analyze challenges and changes in how humans have organized and understood the world they inhabit – politically, economically, culturally, religiously, philosophically, scientifically and socially. Upon completion of the History degree, students will have mastered the skills that employers look for – written and verbal communication, problem-solving, and critical analysis.

Excellent Complement for Various Career Paths and Graduate Programs

A major in History is often a requirement or strongly recommended course of study for other majors whose career goals include graduate school or the business field.
  • Pre-Law – The American Bar Association recommends a study of history as an excellent preparation for graduate study in law, and many Lewis students have gone on the successful careers in the field.
  • Journalism – Many top schools of journalism require students to double major in subjects such as history, political science, sociology or psychology.
  • Business – History is an especially appropriate pairing with degrees in international business, marketing and management. The ongoing shifts in the global economy and job market require broad knowledge and ability to think critically – both obtained with a degree in History. See also History minor for College of Business majors.

High School Teaching Licensure Option

Students may work towards the Professional Educator License to teach History to grades 9-12 in Illinois public and private schools. Students must declare majors in both History and Secondary Education. The History for High School Teaching Licensure program is fully approved by the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board and the Illinois State Board of Education.

Concentration in Public History Available

Public historians provide a great service to society through the study and preservation of heritage. History majors who plan to enroll in a graduate program in Public History or wish to pursue a career in local history museums and government archives are strongly encouraged to declare a concentration in Public History.

Apply Historical Concepts to 21st Century Job Markets

Lewis offers a new Computer Science + History (CS+History) degree program in which students learn to design, build and apply the tools and concepts of computer science to convey lessons of history to diverse audiences. Graduates of the program will be able to build and manage digital archives, create innovative ways to represent and interpret historical events, and much more.

Sample Courses

  • United States Colonial and National History
  • A History of the U.S. Military
  • The American Presidency
  • Native American History
  • History of the British Empire
  • History of Ireland
  • Germany: From Bismarck to Hitler
  • France and Spain
  • Russia: Ancient Times to the Present
  • Public History

Lewis also offers a History minor for students of any academic background to add to their degree.

Career Options:

  • Lawyer
  • Journalist
  • Librarian
  • Teacher
  • Economist
  • Museum Curator
  • Researcher
  • Public Policy and Politics
  • CIA/State Department Services

On Campus Opportunities

  • History Honors Society

Admission Requirements

Please refer to the Office of Admission for application requirements and specific next steps.


Related Programs

For more information contact the Office of Admission at admission@lewisu.edu or call (815)836-5250.

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