Bachelor in Finance / Master of Science in Finance

The Lewis University Bachelor BSF/MSF option allows qualified Finance majors and minors to complete their undergraduate and graduate business degree programs in less time than would be possible if taken separately.   Students can apply for admission to the BSF/MSF option by submitting a letter of intention to the Graduate School of Management PRIOR to graduation. Students admitted to the program must begin the MSF program the semester following graduation.  Most BSF / MSF option students can complete the MSF degree in 18 months or less.

What are the BENEFITS of the BSF/MSF option ?

BSF/MSF option


3 courses required for non-business, non finance majors (9 cr. hrs.)

 Waived for finance majors
(0 cr. hrs.)


10 courses required
(30 cr. hrs.)


8 courses required
(24 cr. hrs)


2 courses required
(6 cr. hrs.)


2 courses required
(6 cr. hrs.)

36-45 credit hours

30 credit hours

Other Program Requirements:

A minimum 3.00 GPA is required for all undergraduate coursework, including transfer credit, with no grade lower than a B- in any foundation business course.

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