Exercise Science, B.S.


The Exercise Science Program at Lewis University is recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as an education provider.

Exercise Science


The NSCA Education Recognition Program (ERP) recognizes and distinguishes schools with standardized, approved strength and conditioning or personal training curricula in undergraduate and graduate settings designed to prepare students for the NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer® (NSCA-CPT®) and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) certifications.

You can read more about the NSCA ERP.

Students attending Lewis University receive the following benefits from the NSCA ERP:

  • Certification Exam Discount
    $25 discount off NSCA Certification Exams

  • Exam Rebate
    $25 rebate will be paid to the academic department for each NSCA exam registration received at six-month intervals, as of Aug. 1 and Feb. 1.

  • Exam Prep Clinic Discount
    $50 discount for ERP students attending a CSCS or NSCA-CPT Exam Prep Live Clinic

  • Student Membership Discount
    Exclusive student membership discount opportunities are periodically offered to ERP schools

  • NSCA Conference Discount
    $25 discount off NSCA National and Coaches Conference registrations

  • Access to NSCA Advancement and Growth Opportunities:
    • NSCA Foundation Grants and Scholarships- Natasha Porter scholarship available exclusively to ERP students.
    • NSCA Internship Program- Applicants enrolled in, or graduated from an ERP school are preferred.
    • NSCA Foundation Assistantship Program

Please contact Dr. Robert Wilson for more information about the NSCA ERP and the student benefits.