Senior Honors

Criteria for the College of Arts & Sciences’ Departmental Senior Honors' Award

Building on the CAS requirements of a 3.5 GPA and 40 hours at Lewis and relating to the university mission and baccalaureate characteristics along with our departmental Learning Outcomes for the English Major, qualifying graduating majors will be assessed as follows:

  • 40% for a GPA of 3.75 or higher in the major
    (Knowledge) (BCs 1, 2, 4, 6) (Outcomes A and B: Read the evolving traditions and Compose with innovation)

  • 30% for demonstrating academic excellence and intellectual curiosity via papers, presentations, projects, publications, conference attendance, study abroad
    (Wisdom, Fidelity) (BCs 1-4, 6-7) (Outcomes A, B, and C: Read the evolving traditions, Compose with innovation, Engage in relevant professionalism)

  • 20% for demonstrating leadership via Sigma Tau Delta involvement, internship participation, departmental A&I and other activities’ attendance or participation
    (Association) (BCs 4, 5, 7) (Outcome C: Relevant Professionalism)

  • 10% for demonstrating a commitment to social justice via community activities, volunteer work, and the like
    (Justice) (BC 4 &5) (Outcome A3 and C)

Other Recognition of Honorees

At the annual end of the year Sigma Tau Delta induction ceremony in May, we will acknowledge the recipient of the College award(s) and award additional honors, as warranted, to

  • the strongest major in the each of our 3 tracks/programs
  • the major whom we believe has made the most progress
  • the strongest major in the foreign language program

If we begin to have a December event for, or related to, e-portfolio senior presentations, we can acknowledge our December honoree(s) there; if not, we will invite them back for the May event.

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