Elementary Education, B.A.

There is no greater way to make a difference in the world than to become an elementary school teacher. The wisdom and values you teach your students will be their forever guide through life, and there is no greater place to become a life-transforming educator than at Lewis University.

Our experienced faculty with real-world experience will partner with you in preparation to become a positive and transformative educator, ready to impact the world. Along with personalized learning through your general education courses, you will learn specific and customized educational methods, including:
  • Technology for Teaching and Learning
  • History and Philosophy of Education
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Assessment and Intervention
Plus, your 125 hours of field work will give you vital experience in a wide variety of teaching environments, including both public and private schools - all so you can discover your true passions, learn how to modify your teaching styles for different students, cultures and environments, and be prepared to effectively teach any student. Now is your opportunity to become the reason we have hope in the next generation.

Start customizing your Elementary Education program curriculum today!

Student Talk

  • Katie Wallace

    “I would say the best thing about the College of Education is the professors. They are so friendly, and definitely go the extra mile to help you and you just honestly feel like they’re a member of your family… ”

  • Vanessa Aguilar

    “I really feel like my teachers are helping me become successful – giving me real-life scenarios of what happens in the real-world, whether it be for classroom management or interviews that you’ll go through, or stressful situations you’ll run into.”