Criminal/Social Justice, B.A.

Criminal Justice Program
More and more students are coming to Lewis for our one-of-a-kind educational program.

If you are motivated by justice, Lewis University is the perfect place to prepare you for an exciting and high-level career in law enforcement and the legal system, as a police officer, probation officer, judge and more.

40+ Area Police Chiefs are Lewis alumni, including:
Philip Cline - Former Superintendent of the Chicago Police Force
Charles Ramsey - Police Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department

Why Lewis?
  • Experienced faculty with real-world understanding and connections
  • Evolving curriculum provides you with ultra-practical and career-focused knowledge and skills necessary to pursue careers in law enforcement and the legal system
  • An ethical framework to help you face the moral challenges that come from a position of power
  • Insight into today's biggest issues in law enforcement - like domestic violence, drug abuse, terrorism and prison overcrowding
  • In-depth understanding of our legal system and the sociological aspects of crime
Possible Career Options Include:
  • CIA agent
  • Police dispatcher
  • Corrections officer
  • Police officer
  • Court reporter
  • Probation officer
  • Criminologist
  • Private investigator
  • DEA agent
  • Security professional
  • FBI agent
  • Secret Service agent
  • Forensic evidence technician
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Immigration & Customs (ICE) agent
  • Deputy U.S. Marshal
  • Paralegal

Adult Student/Sworn Officer Track
We also offer a unique curriculum option for the convenience and skill level of sworn officers, looking to add a degree to their resume, for moving up the ranks in their field - with convenient evening courses at our satellite locations including Chicago, Hickory Hills, Oak Brook and the Chicago Police Academy.

Fast-Track Master’s in Criminal/Social Justice Option
For those students looking to earn their master's in Criminal/Social Justice, you can fast-track your graduate degree and earn your master's in 18 months or less with only 27 additional credit hours (rather than the standard 36).

College Transfer Guides for Adult Student/Sworn Officer

Start customizing your Criminal/Social Justice program curriculum today!

Student Talk

  • Matthew Dutton

    "The professors have been fantastic - fantastic credentials. Their experience makes a big difference when considering which profession you'd like to go in. It's a big field. There are many different opportunities available."

  • Megan Ramel

    "I chose Criminal/Social Justice as my major because I was in the military, and I wanted to do something along those lines and stay within that field."

  • Rocio Alfaro

    "I have not met one professor that hasn't had firsthand experience. They are always open to talk about what they went through. I was able to get an internship - because they have so many connections with law enforcement."

Helpful Resources

Chicago Police Department Employer Deferred Billing
(Only to be used by sworn police officers of the CPD)