To Serve and Protect. There is perhaps no calling more noble.

If you are motivated by helping others and making a difference, Lewis University is the ideal place for you to develop the skills necessary for a meaningful and impactful career in law enforcement.

Criminal Justice Program

Our comprehensive approach will expertly prepare you for leadership roles in all facets of the criminal justice and legal system, including police, probation, corrections, judge, homeland security, FBI, CIA and more.

One of the distinct features of a Lewis education is that you will also gain a deep understanding and insight into some of today's most complex issues in law enforcement – domestic violence, drug abuse, community and race relations, recidivism and terrorism.

50+ regional Police Chiefs are Lewis alumni.

Five Reasons Why Police Officers Should Have College Degrees

Higher education was identified in the 2015 President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing as one of six effective ways to reduce crime and build better relations between police and the communities they serve.

Research has shown police officers with a college degree are:

  • Less likely to use violence.
  • More focused on problem-oriented policing.
  • Better able to relate to the community.
  • Better able to identify best practices.
  • Make better leaders.

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Why Lewis for your Criminal Justice Degree?

  • Largest program among private institutions in Illinois
  • Dedicated faculty with real-world understanding and connections
  • Evolving curriculum provides you with modern day techniques and career-focused knowledge
  • Advanced skill training  necessary to pursue careers in law enforcement and the legal system
  • An ethical framework to help you face the moral challenges that come from a position of responsibility and influence
  • An in-depth understanding of our legal system and the sociological aspects of crime

Possible Career Options Include:

  • CIA agent
  • Corrections officer
  • Court reporter
  • Criminologist
  • DEA agent
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Deputy U.S. Marshal
  • FBI agent
  • Forensic evidence technician
  • Immigration & Customs (ICE) agent
  • Paralegal
  • Police dispatcher
  • Police officer
  • Probation officer
  • Private investigator
  • Security professional
  • Secret Service agent

Adult Student/Sworn Officer Track

We also offer a unique curriculum option for the convenience and skill level of sworn officers who are looking to add a degree to their resume in order to move up the ranks in their field. With the convenience of the entire program running in an 8-week online format, this track offers the much-needed flexibility of those currently working in law enforcement.


A Bachelor's to Master's option allows qualified undergraduates to complete the graduate MSCSJ (Master of Science in Criminal Justice) in less time than would be possible if the two programs would be taken separately. Nine graduate hours may be used to complete the Bachelor's degree (128 hours) and to satisfy specific course requirements for the Master's program. The total number of required graduate credits (36) will remain the same.

College Transfer Guides for Adult Student/Sworn Officer

Start customizing your Criminal Justice program curriculum today!

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