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Fall 2023 Enrollment Brings Record Diversity of Students
Published: November 20, 2023.
This fall, Lewis University welcomed 637 new first-year students, 541 new transfer students, and 1058 new graduate students. This brings the total number of students currently enrolled in online and on-campus programs to approximately 6,670 students. [MORE

Lewis University Students Explore Solutions to Current Societal Issues
Published: September 20, 2023.
Reducing disease spread in healthcare settings, firearm safety education, and creating more efficient semiconductor manufacturing processes are just a few of the research topics undertaken by 13 Lewis University students this summer. The biology, [MORE

Prayers and Sympathy for the Loss of Dr. Lucien Ngalamou Pideu
Published: August 21, 2023.
It is with great sadness that I write that Lewis University was notified of the death of a beloved colleague, Dr. Lucien Ngalamou Pideu. The professor of Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences died in a car accident on August 19. Lewis [MORE

Lewis University Alumnus Participates in White House Cybersecurity Summit
Published: August 11, 2023.
As students, educators, and families are preparing to go back to school, San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) Chief Information Officer Terry Loftus was at the White House this week to speak at the Back to School Safely: Cybersecurity Summit for [MORE

CBS Announces 2023 William Walz Scholarship Recipients
Published: June 20, 2023.
Christian Brothers Services (CBS) has announced the 2023 William Walz Scholarship recipients. Matthew J. Brescia, an Accounting major and Ryan Syed, a Computer Science / Cybersecurity major, are both in their final years of school at Lewis University. [MORE

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