Resources for the Test of Academic Proficiency

Lewis University Resources

Test of Academic Proficiency Review Sessions

The College of Education offers TAP review sessions during the spring and fall semesters.  The spring review sessions have been held, so if you are taking your TAP test before we have the next set of review sessions in the fall, please be sure to utilize the resources below.

  1. Leckrone Academic Resource Center (LARC)

    LARC offers help to students to improve academic performance through advising, tutoring, and innovative academic programs. This also includes their hosting of the Writing Center, which offers writing tutors to help students at any stage of the writing process.

Testing Website

Illinois Licensure Testing System Preparation Resources

This is the main website for information about the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency exam. Here, you will find both a study guide :
AND a full-length practice test: It is highly advised you complete both. The study guide provides basic information about the test as well as a short sample of questions for each section. The full-length practice test can be taken either on-line or printed and completed by hand. Either way, you can get an analysis of which questions you got wrong.

Other State Basic Skills Exam Study Guides

There are a variety of online resources for Basic Skills-type tests that are required in other states. It may be helpful for you to take some of their practice tests as well.  See below for links to their sites.

Study Guides and Strategies

  • How To Study Website
    This website has a variety of resources for study skills, which are listed both by the process of studying and by topic. Each topic then has a list of handouts, prioritized by importance and interest. Topics include: Getting Ready, Taking in Information, Processing Information, Output, How to Study, and How to Write.

  • Study Guides and Strategies
    This website has an extensive list of resources, and can even be translated into multiple languages. Topics are as varied as Time Management, Learning with Others, Classroom Participation, Reading, Writing Basics, Test Preparation, and Test Taking.

  • Enhance My Writing
    This website claims to have “a complete collection of indispensable writing resources.” There are four major categories of information on the site: Writing Resources, Writing Library, Writing Workshop, and Awards and Honors. This site is more like a clearinghouse for other resources on the web than an actual tutorial site.

    This site is geared specifically for college students and offers ways to “manage college, work, and fun.” Because of the flexibility of college students’ schedules, as well as the myriad demands on their time and attention, college can be a tough juggling act for students. This site offers ways to set goals, manage stress, and use your time more effectively.

Other Universities' Test of Academic Proficiency Resources

       A very brief guide to some resources on preparing for the Basic Skills test.

Writing Resources