Education Programs

Values-Oriented. Collaborative. Research-Based.

More and more future educators are choosing to attend Lewis University to help transform the next generation of thinkers. They believe in Lewis' educational philosophy. They believe in being part of a learning community. They are confident in Lewis' reputation and the quality personalized education they will receive.

Small class sizes. Committed faculty. Convenient class schedules. Student teaching placements.
Preparing to be a teacher at Lewis is a rigorous process. It's not a fallback plan. It requires absolute passion. But if you're committed, hardworking and focused, Lewis University is the best possible place to start your future teaching career.

Learn more about our Undergraduate Licensure Programs:

Elementary Education, B.A.
Early Childhood Special Education, B.A.

Special Education, B.A.
Combined Special Education / Elementary Education, B.A.

Secondary Education, B.A.
Foreign Language Education, B.A.
Middle Level Education, B.A.