College of Business

Student Involvement

Workshops and Events
The Stahl Center holds monthly events for students, faculty and staff who are interested in starting a new business or taking an existing business to the next level. Please see Upcoming Events for a list of semester activities.

Why attend a Stahl Center Event?
We recruit the best and brightest in their field as speakers for our programs. The speakers are very engaging and deliver information you won't hear anywhere else. Another reason students will find so much value in Stahl Center events is that the networking done at these events leads to real business opportunities.

The Lewis University College of Business Internship Program (offered through the Office of Career Services) allows students the opportunity to gain valuable, real-world experience and make industry contacts while earning academic credit toward their bachelor's degree. Paid and unpaid internships can be found through the "Flyers Get Hired"

An entrepreneurship intern will work in the exciting, ever changing business environment of a start-up company. You will have the opportunity to draft business plans, perform market research, and help small business owners with everyday operations. The intern must be comfortable with measureable risk, ambiguity, and true uncertainty due to impossibility of estimating the unknown. This true uncertainty presents a great experience as you bring a novel idea or product to market!

Entrepreneurship Organizations
The Lowell Stahl Center of Entrepreneurship partners with the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization and the Future Founders Foundation for programing, events and mentorship opportunities for students.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization
A non-profit organization that encourages venture creation within colleges and universities in North America.

Future Founders Foundation
The Future Founders Foundation is a non-profit organization that inspires youth in Chicagoland to explore and practice entrepreneurship.